Something to think about!

Are you paying too much for glasses?

You went to buy 2 pairs of glasses for $ 99.00 and end up paying $ 500.00.
Do you really need Vision insurance?

We have the answer

Glasses by VIP

You get it all: Quality - Service - Amazing Price, all because we spend less so that you can save and get more.

What is VIP? (Vision Impossible Plan)

A simple straight forward family vision plan for you without any gimmicks or any vision insurance plans.

The Procedure to get your Vision Impossible Plan

  • All we need is your current doctor's prescription.
  • You select frames and lenses.
  • Get measured.
  • Pay your bill $ 79.95(lenses) + Frames and any extras if you ordered.
  • You are done.
  • Pick up your glasses in about two weeks or so.


What is my Cost?

Your cost $60.00 to $ 150 some designer frames included.

All plastic, Single vision 2 pairs of the same Rx. OR our premier Progressive high definition, one pair of lenses, your cost is $79.95

Our lenses are simply the best, guaranteed. ( Retails for $250.00 )

Price as above one pair only. Check Our exclusive latest styles.

Protect your precious eyes while working outdoors or indoors. Price as above, one pair only, add $25.00 for extra safety procedures to meet the OSHA standards.